Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Emily's Filming Debut March 2012

So...this blog has been resurrected, temporarily anyway. Even though my days are still full, not being employed allows for some time to do a post here and there...

During the first few days I was home, I broke out the FLIP to capture some fun had by Allie, Anna and Emily. And, at some point, one of the girls asked if they could take some video. I agreed so they each had a turn.

Emily's view of the world was pretty amusing:

Workout log: 3 miles on the treadmill this morning.

Things the girls say: Allie to Sarah while Sarah was reading to the girls at bedtime said: "Why is Daddy making a face?" Apparently, while hanging out listening to Sarah read, I had a odd pensive look on my face.


Anonymous said...

What a nice video! Emily speaks so clearly and with such confidence!

Ami said...

That was awesome! Those girls are too stinkin cute!!

Laura said...

LOVE the bit where she goes, "And this is beautiful Princess Emily" and films her reflection. Cute!!
And don't worry, when my little cousin uses the camera she films right up in your face too. It's like "I think you should probably step BACK a little bit..." LOL. Anyways, LOVE your kids.

Rich said...

Thanks for the nice comments Ami, Laura and "Anonymous"!

Hope's Mama said...

So cute, but I feel so dizzy now! Was hoping they'd go and say hello to mummy!
Such a joy to see all of your girls on film. Seen so many still photos of them over the years.