Friday, February 24, 2012

Sometimes I wear my heart on my feet.

Having not been in the greatest mood (even after working out), I was going through the motions of getting dressed at Fitcorp (a gym I joined earlier this year).

While pulling on my dark colored dress socks, something on the bottom of one of the socks caught my eye.

Upon further examination, I discovered it was a small sticker with a heart on it!

One of the numerous stickers which litter our home had decided to stick to me and take a trip into Boston!


Right then and there, my day had been made.

A simple sticker was enough for me to do a reality-check. I immediately thought of my daughters, the love they radiate, and all that I had to be grateful for.

The sticker stayed on my sock for the rest of the day.

This happened just a few days after we had gone out as a family to the local Papa Gino’s for lunch. And, unbeknown to me, I walked up to the counter and ordered our food with a (different colored) “heart” sticker on my chest. That sticker had been awarded to me by our daughter Anna.

I just love being a dad.


Anonymous said...

That's so sweet.
-one of Sarah's readers

Chantel said...

Love it! I had a dora sticker stuck to the back of my sweatshirt for an entire day :)