Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Thank you New Balance.

So….I went for a run during my lunch break the other day. As I made my way across the pedestrian bridge which runs over Storrow Drive, I thought how cool it is that the sidewalks and pathways along the Charles River had been cleared of the snow (which had fallen over the weekend).

Must be a Mayor Menino thing, I thought.

Not sure this is maintained by the city – it could be State property.

Either way, I was thinking how great a thing it was that runners didn't have to worry about wiping out on the snow and ice.

I continued along and took note of a dozen or so other runners before seeing a few New Balance “banners” on poles which line the pathway along the river. The banners advertise the sponsorship agreement between the Department of Conservation and Recreation (DCR) and New Balance. Apparently in 2010 New Balance had agreed to provide the funding needed to keep the paths along the Charles clear for runners!

Thank you, New Balance.

This partially makes up for the mishaps at the Falmouth Road Race last August.

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