Saturday, August 27, 2011

Finishing Falmouth - 2011.

I pounded downhill with the finish line in sight and with hopes of at least matching my strong finishing time of 2010. I knew I had at least attained one goal: keep my streak of consecutive completions of Falmouth going! With the addition of automated time tracking via a computer "chip" on runners' bibs, the finish line at the Falmouth Road Race does not have any of the finishing chutes common in smaller, local road races.

I had crossed the finish line of Falmouth 2011 and had done so in a very respectable time for my division!

My plan was to get hydrated, maybe grab a snack, and then walk back to meet Sarah and the girls just outside Falmouth Center on Main Street. Finishing Falmouth in under an hour has its benefits in that the field (where runner refreshments are handed out) is not too crowded. I did one loop of the field to see what was being offered and although the hot dogs were tempting, I maintained some control and passed on that item. I grabbed a frozen ice cream treat, a drink, a bag of Cape Cod potato chips and started the walk to meet my family.

Falmouth 2011 was a definite success in many ways - I had my best time finishing since 2003, I raised over $2,600 for the Spina Bifida Association of Greater New England (SPAGNE), AND I proved to myself that if I put the training in, I can run competitive times. Finding the time to train is the hard part with three little munchkins to care for, though. Maybe some day, like my brother Jack, I will run in the same race as one of my daughters. Maybe.


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