Saturday, May 14, 2011

How is Your Running Form?

I am well aware that individual running form, just like a batting stance and a tennis serve, is going to vary by individual. However, there are specific things all runners can focus on to make their runs more efficient and enjoyable. Here are a few simple suggestions I have picked up over the years:

- Run erect – many runners, especially when weary, tend to lean their upper body forward. Keep your spine straight!

- Minimize upper body movement, especially the arms! Arms should be bent at the elbow with the forearms parallel to the ground.

- Imagine your lower body as a racing horse and our upper body as the jockey. Your legs should be doing the work. Your upper body is just along for the ride!

- Stay as loose as possible. Keep your shoulders dropped, not hunched up and do not clench your hands into fists – instead, imagine you are carrying a potato chip between your thumb and index finger.

Run Strong.

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