Monday, April 25, 2011


Some days are just good days, regardless of what is going on in life. Some days it doesn’t matter how tired I am, how stressed I am or how long my “to do” list is. This Easter was one of those days. I knew I had things to do for my classes, and sleep to catch up on, yard work to do, and running and….on and on and on…but I just let those things slide for a day.

The fun started for Sarah and me Saturday night when we played Easter Bunny and hid eggs around the house for the girls. I think we were as excited about seeing the girls hunt for the treasures as they were about the Easter Bunny’s arrival!

It had been a tiring week for everyone, especially Sarah. Her mom got real sick and ended up in the hospital Tuesday morning so both Sarah & I could have been justified in being miserable on Sunday. But we were not (a little cranky, but not miserable lumps). The end result was a simple but gratifying day which included the treasure hunt and visiting with both my family and Sarah’s family. The best part about our Easter however, was that we spent it with our three beautiful daughters.

Sarah did a mini photo shoot before we left the house so I took the opportunity to grab some video of my cuties. Anna is in blue, Allie is in the white dress and Emily wanted to be Tangled for the day so she wore the princess outfit:

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