Monday, January 31, 2011

Hooked on Disney?

When planning our November trip to Disney, the question put fourth by many people (myself included) was will the girls get it? Although many said they will have a blast, I had heard enough comments that the girls were too young, etc. to cast doubt on the timing of our first trip to Walt Disney World, Orlando. A case in point was from a guy I work with, whose son was also born in April 2007. He took his son to Disney a few months before us and his comment to me was that his son “didn’t get it”.

Well, I think within an hour of being in Hollywood Studios (the first Disney Park we visited), our girls GOT IT!

Fast forward about two and a half months. The girls re-live their Disney experience almost daily by drawing maps of Disney and telling Sarah and I who they will see the next time we go!

I think the cutest way they display their “Disney imagination” however, is by performing their own Disney shows complete with dancing, singing, and character showings! This video is just a small sampling of the numerous shows they have done. (Note: we took them to see Tangled this past weekend – stay tuned!).

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