Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Poor Anna.

Today's post was going to be something else, but I changed my mind because I haven’t been able to think of anything but my little Anna. Anna has been fairly miserable since the weekend – it started with a little cough here and there on Saturday and culminated with Grammy (thank you Sheila) taking Anna to see the pediatrician this morning. According to the pediatrician, Anna only has “the beginnings of a cold”. Whew. Thank you.

It has been breaking my heart the past several days watching Anna mope around the house, ever so slowly. Anna’s restless sleep and congestion has made her understandably unhappy.

This picture, taken by Grammy this afternoon, says it all.

As testament to Anna’s misery, she and I actually cuddled for a few minutes on the couch this morning before I left for work! Yes, Anna naturally prefers Mommy or Grammy (over Daddy) to hold her so I knew she wasn’t feeling well when she sat with me on the couch without a fuss. Needless to say, I absolutely savored the moment!

Sarah and I, of course, have our reasons for being extra sensitive when it comes to Anna. Countless doctor visits, daily medications, and Anna’s random slips and falls around the house will do that to any parent, I guess. It reminds me of a comment made to us a few times by Anna’s doctors and nurses (when referring to Anna’s various procedures and surgeries). They would say “It’s worse for the parents…” Maybe. I’m not sure. What I do know is that my entire family means everything to me. I just want Anna, her sisters, and their mom to be happy. Not sick. Not grumpy. Not unloved. Just happy.


JEN said...

poor little baby. Looks so sad. My daughter is so cuddly when she's sick too :)

Rich said...

She's feeling better now!