Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Another day with my girls.

I was home with the girls on Wednesday. Although exhausted from back-to-back nights sleeping on couch cushions on the living room floor, I had a nice day with my cuties. After some cereal for breakfast, the girls went right to playing:

Emily with the Little People
Anna in the kitchen

Allie with The Little People

Later, while I was in an adjacent room, I peaked in and heard Anna saying "Ahldie (Allie) and me are blowing out the candles" It's a Doug & Melissa Birthday Cake with candles:

Mid-morning we made our way to the local grocery store. Having done this solo a couple of times now, it is a bit easier. The girls look forward to sitting in the "car" and "driving" the shopping cart. The girls also know that when Daddy takes them for a ride, they will get doughnuts. Today was no exception. Before we began shopping, I stopped at the Dunkin Donuts counter inside the grocery store. "Ten glazed munchkins, please." The girls got 3 each and I ate the remaining donut hole (as I've heard them referred to as). The girls were very well behaved and we received the usual comments from strangers - all complimentary, of course!

The girls were a bit wound up when we got home as witnessed by Emily's trick to get onto the pack n' play: I'm not sure what happened at nap, but Anna and Em were pretty much screaming when they woke up. Allie was just lying in her crib with a look that said "What do I need to do to get some sleep in this house!?" The grumpy and tired girls spent the first 45 minutes or so after nap looking like this:While they watched this guy:

I was shocked that I could get them to watch something besides Cailou(sp?) or Barney!

These pics depict some of the fun we had the remainder of the afternoon. Allie:

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